The Eluxior Club

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The Eluxior Club

The Eluxior Club brings together the top executives and influencers of the luxury sector for rewarding business opportunities and networking in major international cities. The aim of the club is to enable its members to effectively enrich their contacts across different luxury fields and help to pioneer a new form of marketing.


During intimate private events, members have a chance to exchange knowledge and discuss projects, find collaborative opportunities, meet investors, as well as make press contacts.

Visit the Application page to verify your eligibility.
While applying, please justify clearly your role in the Luxury Sector.

Eluxior Services

· Product placement in Eluxior dinner videos
· Media placement on content-driven luxury TV networks in hotels, airports, airplanes and web TV channels (see below)
· Promotional short films made by famous movie directors (see below)

The Trend in the media services:

For the first time, year 2008 saw the emergence of luxury brands on TV driven by the mighty Louis Vuitton. This move shocked the media world but is in line with rising mass demand for luxury goods worldwide. The Vuitton campaign does not overtly sell products on TV but instead promotes them through its philosophy of ‘life is a journey’. No doubt other luxury brands, primarily the LVMH owned brands, are likely to follow shortly in order to raise brand awareness, but mainstream TV lacks the luxury content needed to attract such advertising.

The brand Tods has followed this trend by producing a movie signed by Denis Hopper starring Gwyneth Paltrow around their new bag, but instead of showing it on TV, they broadcasted it on their own website and provided links to their website from other targeted websites.

This demonstrates a growing trend today; a trend where luxury brands aim to expand their reach into new media using high quality videos, films and similar content.

Eluxior Club and its partners have the experience in producing such innovative content and has secured exclusive deals with various new media, such as Vogue, Starwood hotels, JCDecaux Airports, Les Echo (LVMH)…